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Every pet is unique and requires a diabetes management system that is designed specifically for that pet. The goal of this section is to share the different approaches and techniques owners use to manage their pet's diabetes.

Animal care books (both vet and owner oriented) do not discuss all the different styles of daily management or all the different treatment options that are available.  If a personal story is presented, it is usually just one animal, and it is a very traditional approach. Owners have no way of learning about the variety of experiences that we all have had.

Telling our pet's stories is a great way to let people know about the different approaches that owners of diabetic pets are taking. People can see that different management styles are available, and these techniques must be carefully chosen to meet the needs of both the pet and the owner.

Guinea Pig  and Rabbit 
  • Hazel and Ginger - two diabetic guinea pigs whose diabetes is managed with diet and oral medications.
  • Jessica Rabbit's diabetes was successfully managed for 7 years with diet, stress management, and careful observation.


  • Barney behavioral observation, home bg tests, and owner education kept Barney's diabetes well controlled for 4 years before he lost his battle with liver cancer.
  • Zooey - the first year of diabetes management dealing with diet in a 2-cat home, leg weakness, trying home bg testing and other monitoring methods.
  • Pamiu - an adopted "enormous tabby" whose new active lifestyle helped him become non-diabetic! 
  • Winnie - a kitty in the U.K. who is doing well in her adoptive home. 
  • Coho - struggles with allergies, no appetite, and possibly diabetes
  • Hobie this kitty has done well with diabetes for 4 years. 
  • Iggy home bg testing, and diet have regulated this kitty's diabetes.
  • Pico Internet resources, owner education, and a second vet helped get this kitty's diabetes management on the right track
  • Ziggy home bg testing may have saved this kitty's life. 
  • Smokey An Australian kitty whose diabetes was successfully controlled for 8-1/2 years 
  • Nay Nay a big boy who is doing well
  • Tat management based on drinking and urination
  • Tom  a transient diabetic where diabetes is directly linked to obesity
  • Gizmo  A rough start but lots of home bg testing and PZI have worked miracles
  • Moosh never become complacent in your pet's diabetes management
  • Rusty a juvenile diabetic who was once very ill now focuses on fun rather than food since he's regulated
  • Spider persistence pays off for this 18 year old
  • Magic more education may have helped Magic
  • Patches observing drinking, urination, and behavior helped keep her diabetes managed for over 8 years 
  • Brendan - successfully managed with glipizide and diet
  • Mr. Jigs - doing well, but no more annual vaccinations for this boy!



  • Missie - a Mini. Schnauzer whose diabetes was manageable, but cancer wasn't 
  • Kiva  twice-daily home testing helped this girl live with diabetes for 2-1/2 years.
  • Tres - a 7 year old Bichon / Poodle mix whose owners learned that caring for a diabetic wasn't that scary after all.  
  • Nestle - a chocolate lab whose owners quickly learned that managing her diabetes was not too inconvenient.
  • Bogie - a toy poodle who has been diabetic for over 5 years. 
  • Keisha - a Miniature Pincher who has been a healthy diabetic for 6-1/2 years!
  • Fritz - a standard Schnauzer who is adjusting well to diabetes
  • Bayley - a 3-year old yellow lab whose parents had a fund-raiser to pay for cataract surgery! 
  • Maverick - a 12-1/2 year old chocolate lab whose owner is dedicated to keeping him as healthy as possible.
  • Levi - a 1-1/2 year old Bichon-Shih Tzu mix.
  • Tippy - a mixed cocker who lived with diabetes for 6 years.
  • Molly - a Border Collie who is doing well with dedicated owners. 
  • Kodee - a lab whose regulation has been complicated. 
  • Montauk - a husky / malamute whose weight gain, drinking, and urination alerted her owner that something was wrong. 
  • Rena - very active after 1-1/2 years of diabetes and blindness!  
  • Shaba - treatment was not in Shaba's best interest and it was time to let her go. 
  • Chance - a terrier mix pup who is energetic and a challenge to regulate  
  • Zeus - a great family dog who's doing well.
  • Penny - a Dalmatian who is doing great with a custom diet and easy injections.
  • Lara - a German shephard in Croatia who is doing well. 
  • Cooper - diabetes won't slow this guy down! 
  • Ranger - weight control and dedicated owners have brought this diabetic Rottweiller back to good health. 
  • Tizer - a Finnish Spitz who was recently diagnosed. 
  • Keja despite having high natural insulin levels, Keja developed diabetes.  
  • Missie and her owner showed their vet home bg testing
  • Rufus a difficult beginning, but keeping our hopes up 
  • Powell - a handsome Bichon boy who is doing well with careful and consistent care. 
  • Buffy - apricot miniature poodle who lived 4 years as a loving diabetic
  • Sunny Bear - a Rottweiller with Diabetes Insipidus  
  • Mariah A seriously ill wolf / malamute surprises everyone with her strength to get better.
  • Cinder A 4-month old Elkhound puppy regulated using intensive management.  
  • KD An Australian gal who is regulated on caninsulin, home cooking, urine testing, and has adapted well to being blind from cataracts. 
  • Princess other problems can interfere with the diabetes treatment, regardless of how much effort is put into it. 
  • Kiri diabetic, hypothyroid, and Cushing's! 
  • Max Mini Schnauzer with juvenile diabetes.
  • Max Beagle with multiple diseases to manage.
  • Bony  a lot of health problems, but persisting and doing well  
  • Tammy an uphill struggle for this diabetic in N. Irelend. 
  • Tiffany  urine testing and twice daily injections keep this girl spunky.
  • Katie  a beautiful Maltese with diabetes and Cushing's.
  • Kyra despite an auto-immune disease and cataracts daily bg testing and a special diet keep Kyra healthy and playful.
  • Cody from near death to happy and healthy - Cody's diabetes was well managed for two years before he succumbed to cancer.
  • Rosie a vet specialist and home bg testing resulted in successful management and has brought this family closer together.
  • Sam a Mini. Schnauzer with juvenile diabetes - successfully managed for 5 years.
  • Wylie home bg testing, twice daily insulin, and a good diet keep Wylie healthy.  She's even famous for her cataract surgery!
  • Jasper home bg testing and careful management kept this "old guy" a healthy, active diabetic until old age caught up with him.

Tiny Tales of Diabetic Pets Here are some vignettes of diabetic pets who are just starting their diabetes treatment.

  • Patti Patience helped this Mini. Schnauzer accept her injections.
  • Minnie - rescued from a shelter and a joy for the whole family.
  • Ziggy A schnauzer who is doing well but dislikes urine testing!
  • Stouffer a hopeful beginning
  • Valentino off to a good start

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Tiny Tales don't have any guidelines, just share some information about your diabetic pet so others can have hope, inspiration, and maybe even a laugh.  Contact me with your story and we will work together to put it on the website.


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