Zeus's Story


MyZeus dog, Zeus, was diagnosed with diabetes the day before we were to leave on Christmas vacation this year. Zeus is a three year old neutered black lab/ hound mix. He is 60 pound and is in excellent condition. Three days before he was diagnosed, he started to urinate in the house and drink large quantities of water. I knew he was sick because Zeus hadn't urinated the house since he was a very small puppy. He has always been in excellent shape and has been very healthy.

He is on 3-1/2 c Hills W/D and 7 units of insulin twice a day. Zeus is an inside dog. He goes out several time a day for 15 minutes at a time and is out almost all day on the weekends in nice weather.

I was surprised at how little it was going to cost the maintain Zeus. We love him very much and he has been very gentle with my two small children, so euthanasia wasn't an option. His Insulin is $20 at Wal-Mart for 75 day supply. His syringes are $12.91 for a box of 100. I change the syringe every 2 days.

-- Jennifer

Zeus and his kitty friend   Zeus


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