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I just want to thank you so much for the information on your site, I think you saved a life today. Here is my story:

My beloved Siamese - Ziggy was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 weeks ago. Initially she was doing very well on insulin. At six units the vet felt that her problem was almost under control, (330 - 190) but a few more units would be necessary. With the increase, dosage eventually went up to 12 units but her glucose levels would not drop and stayed between 550-400.

Yesterday she spent the day at the vet again for more blood work. The vet wanted to try one more increase (5 more units) that I was to give her tonight. After visiting your site and reading about the home testing, I bought a BG meter. 3 hours after her last test at the vet, her bg had dropped from 400 to 124. I gave her the normal dose this morning and checked her glucose when I returned home from work. She appeared okay, but her BG was 36. By the time I reached the vet, she started to have a seizure. After a dextrose injection she is now fine and I am reducing the insulin dose to 5 units and continue with the home testing. The vet diagnosed the problem and strange readings as Somogyi rebound.

My vet has never had an owner test their catís glucose and would have not mentioned that I try home testing. I cannot say how grateful I am to the information on your site. If I had not purchased the meter yesterday and returned home early from work today to check on her, I think Ziggy would have died after the increase of 5 units the vet had prescribed.

Thank you,


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