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Keisha is a 10-1/2 year old Miniature Pincher. We bought her from a pet store when she was just 12 weeks old. At the tender age of 5 years of age she started drinking so much. She was loosing control of her bladder and so we took her to the Vet. He treated her for a bladder infection due to her symptoms and though he told us he didn't think that was really what was going on, said to keep her on the treatment and if all was not well in five days, bring her back.

In five days we returned with Kiesha in hand and this time blood was taken Keisha's Dr. came into the room looking solemn, he words to us were "we have a very sick dog here" she's a diabetic! Wow, you could have knocked me over with a feather easier. I had no idea dogs could get diabetes! He sent us home with instructions on how to eject her and said if we decided not to pursue this line of treatment he would understand since it takes dedication and time. He also said that normally dogs with diabetes only survive a year or two.

Her Vet is in awe every time we see him. Almost 6-1/2 years later, we still have Keisha. She is 11 years old now. Still insulin dependent; she is as much pleasure today as when we first brought her home. She has from the beginning of her illness taken two insulin injections per day and will for the remainder of her life; but, that's o. k. We love her and other than the injections, she is the healthiest dog I have ever owned! By the way, we bribe her shot times with extra special treats (Beggin Strips) set aside only for shot times. You'd think we were giving her Filet!

Bad genetics, I think so, did I mention my mother is a diabetic? Thank God I wasn't born a dog with an owner who didn't care.

It takes dedication and commitment. It's hard and not like owning your average dog, but then, Keisha is not your average dog!

-- Contributed by LeAn

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Contributed November 2002
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