Participate in Our Quick Web Surveys


Participate In Our Quick Web Surveys
Throughout the website, we have several surveys that you can participate in. I've gathered them all together here so you can do them all at once.  These are not "scientific" surveys, but by sharing your experiences you can help demonstrate the differences that occur in diabetic pets.  Unfortunately, I had to recreate the surveys in Jan. 2002, and earlier survey results were lost.  
  • Please use the "dog" or "cat" survey. 

  • If you feel none of the answers are appropriate for you, click  "See Results" and there is a place for brief comments (about 25 words before it gets cut off).


Choose the age of your pet when it was diagnosed with diabetes, or the approximate age. If you adopted or rescued an adult pet and have no idea how old it was, choose "adult/age unknown". 

Was your pet overweight when diagnosed?

If your pet was overweight a few weeks or months before diagnosis, but lost weight due to uncontrolled diabetes, please select the description for your pet before the weight loss. Remember, a small pet who should weigh 15 pounds would be considered overweight if it weighs 20 pounds.

What Food Does Your Pet Eat?

Diabetic pets are fed a variety of food types depending on their special health needs.  

  • Choose the best description of your current feeding style.


Do You Reuse Syringes
How is Your Dog's Eye Health
Has Your Pet Had Leg Weakness or Paw Problems?

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