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The Site Begins
The Pets with Diabetes site was founded in 1997 by Donna, after our cat Barney was diagnosed with diabetes. It was difficult to find extensive information on diabetes in pets and clear that a site like this would be a well-used resource for owners of diabetic pets. The purpose of this site is to site provide educational information, personal experiences, links to web resources, and support to anyone who is interested in diabetes in pets. The information is designed to help owners educate themselves about diabetes. This site is not written by a veterinarian, nor is it a substitute for proper care by a licensed veterinarian. Discussing information you read on this site with your veterinarian is encouraged. 

I have relied on personal educational experience and contributions from other owners who have advanced degrees in the health sciences, or owners who have taken the initiative to educate themselves about health issues that concern them and their pet. I have relied heavily on veterinary texts, journal articles, general pet health books, information from veterinarians, reliable web sites, and information from other pet owners. Educational resources are cited, as appropriate.  

This community is what it is not because I made it that way, but because of the all the individuals who participate and share their experiences and support each other. Barney has been gone for several years now, and new priorities in my life have left me little time to keep up with the ever-changing diabetes world. The web resources need more attention than I can give them, and so, in 2005, Iíve come to the very difficult decision that itís time for me to step back and let others lead the way. I've chosen people who are experienced in caring for diabetic pets and and are dedicated to continuing the tradition of pet owners helping each other provide the best care possible.

I would like to acknowledge all the owners of diabetic pets who contributed information, ideas, and feedback on this site. They are too numerous to name, and everyone deserves thanks. You have all been generous with information, experiences, and support. Sharing our knowledge and experience is the only way to help our pets and help each other.  I hope this site serves to pass on information to everyone, especially the owners who are just starting their journey in caring for a diabetic pet.

It has been a journey filled with celebrations of successes both big and small, sharing the frustrations of setbacks, worry-filled nights of getting through a crisis, mourning the loss of beloved companions, silly nights in the chat room escaping from the stress of caring for a diabetic pet, and most importantly, sharing the friendship and support of people who are proudly devoted to the care of their pets. Overwhelmingly, it has been a labor of love and building relationships I will never forget. Here are a few photos and special memories.

-- Donna B. 1997-2005


Pets with Diabetes Site
Awards are dedicated to our diabetic pets, particularly those who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  The knowledge we share will help other pets and owners who are faced with this disease.


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