In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.


November, 1992 Whitey December 22, 2001


Words can not describe how much we Love and Miss our sweet little man. Whitey was a very independent feline, definitely with his own agenda. He would sit on the countertop and let out a "sassy" meow whenever he wanted something. After all, HE was the Boss! Whitey was also our fearless protector. If our dog so much as even thought about stepping out of line, Whitey was right there to show her who was boss. Besides being our independent, fearless leader, Whitey had a very unique soft side as well. With just a look, he could melt even the hardest heart into putty. He would spend hours on your lap or snuggling under the covers. His three favorite pastimes were: Sunbathing in the window... Lapping fresh water straight from the faucet... and stretching out in front of the stove, waiting patiently for the turkey to finish cooking, of course. He always knew when it was time for his shot and took it without complaint. Whatever the adversary, Whitey was always up for the challenge. Whitey's 14 lb. figure had earned him the proud title of "White Stuffin'". He was our little trouper. Now... being feline, brought certain responsibilities. SO... When Whitey could no longer find mice, he was so proud to bring us a pair of socks instead ( OR whatever else he could find). He definitely had a knack for finding lost items. Even though Whitey was feline, he would follow each one of us around like a puppy dog (especially if he thought a "good" lap or food was involved).

Whitey Whitey

Whitey... When your diabetes became uncontrollable, you would still attempt to take care of us. In the end your 14 lb. figure had whittled down to 8 and you could not step up to the plate. Your mind was willing, but your physical body wasn't able. Whitey, you have earned your right to rest. We know that all good things must come to an end and we hate to say "Good-Bye". BUT... Someday we know that we will see you at those Pearly Gates, frolicking about free of pain and suffering and anxious for our arrival. There are countless reasons for our Love for you Whitey... and we could go on forever. Our biggest reason though... "is just for being you"!

White Stuffin', our sweet little man... Rest in Peace, little trouper, We will see you soon!



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