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Whiskers was our Miniature Schnauzer.  She was born January 10, 1990 and died August 7, 2000. She was supposed to be my son's dog, but somehow she became mom's dog. She loved to go for rides. The boys taught her to chase trucks while riding. She would stand in the front seat and watch for one to come in the opposite direction; then she would jump to the back seat and bark at the truck as it passed. I know this wasn't a safe way for her to ride, but she was quite spoiled.  I've had a lot of animals during my lifetime, but I had never had an indoor animal until Whiskers. 

Whiskers also loved to eat, and at 15 pounds, she was a little overweight prior to getting pancreatitis. I know schnauzers are prone to develop pancreatitis, but I'm sure the french fries and chips we used to teach her tricks weren't in her best interest. She also loved to raid the trash can if it wasn't put out of her reach. Anytime she ate something with fat in it she would develop a tummy ache which usually became pancreatitis. With pancreatitis the pancreas can't help with digestion of fatty products, causing severe abdominal pain and vomiting.  Sometimes it would clear up in a day, but other times it required hospitalization.

With one pancreatitis attack, she spent two weeks at the vet specialist's receiving nothing but fluids for 1-1/2 weeks.  She came home weighing about 9 pounds.  Three months after coming home she began wanting to eat continuously. She would wake me up every 2 hours during the night wanting to eat. I could satisfy her with a few pieces of food, but I had to give her something to eat or she would keep my up until I did.  I kept telling the vet about her eating habits, but he thought it was just her pig appetite. When she started to drink her water bowl dry and began wetting in the house, I knew it was diabetes.  Seven months after that two week stay at the specialists, she was diagnosed with diabetes. 

I know the pancreas also makes insulin, but I don't know if her diabetes was secondary to the pancreatitis. I asked the internist Whiskers saw, but she didn't really know since Schnauzers are prone to diabetes. I don't believe we did Whiskers a favor feeding her fatty food and I think the pancreatitis may have contributed to her diabetes.

I've enjoyed reading and learning through the pet diabetes web site and hope that it will continue to be of help to those who have animals who develop this disease.  I've learned one important lesson and I preach to everyone that will listen--don't feed your animal people food--not if you really love and care about their future. Hopefully our experience with Whisker's pancreatitis and diabetes will help someone else. 

-- Angie


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