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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
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Just about the best life a dog could haveÖ.

Hi, my name is Trixie. I was born August 15, 1991. My registered name is actually Trixie Tops Maurer, but since Iím a stay at home pet and not a show dog, I just go by Trixie. My mom & dad came to get me when I was 6 weeks old. I was the only black haired schnauzer in my litter. I was kind of the runt of my litter. My vet said I had a personality like the Giant Schnauzer breed.

TrixieAt one point in my life, my daddy wanted to give me away. My mommy got very upset over that. Within the year, they actually got a divorce (Iím glad I was not the cause). I went with my mommy of course. She traveled all the time. So, when she flew, I stayed with my dog groomer. She would keep me all week, and then drop me off at my home so I would be there when mommy came home. She was the best dog sitter. When mommy drove, I would ride with her and stay at hotels all week. She would walk me through-out the day, I just loved it because I could be with her all the time. 

In 1998 my mommy met my soon to be step-daddy. Letís just call him my dad, because he liked me instantly. My mommy had foot surgery, so she would take me to the empty park during the day (she couldnít work while on crutches), kneel on a towel, and throw the many sticks she kept in a bag in the trunk. I would bring each stick back. She did this everyday since I couldnít go for my walks or runs with her. Just after meeting my soon to be dad, he started watching me when mommy traveled. I liked him a lot. He had 2 children. I had never been around kids, so it took me a little while to get used to them. They were nice to me. I remember the first time they took me to Florida Ė it was a blast. Back then they could walk me on the beach; this was before signs went up that dogs were not allowed on the beach. 

Mom & dad were married. About 8 months later, they got me a little brother from the St. Louis Schnauzer Rescue. His mommy was from a puppy mill and she had Oscar when they rescued her. Oscar liked to play and I put up with him. Secretly I loved him very much, I just didnít show it. Oscar and I would both go to Florida and walk in the RV park, to the beach, and all over the place. We would stay in grandmaís trailer.

Trixie and Oscar Trixie and Oscar

When I was 10, I got cancer in my chest area. They operated and didnít get as clean of edges as they would have liked, the tumor was just too big. But, I lived beyond the 6 mos. to 2 yrs. that they said I could live. When I was 13, I got diabetes. I know dogs donít die from diabetes, but I definitely didnít take to it or the insulin. My mom and dad could never get my body to regulate with the different insulinís and vets they tried. I became blind right away; Trixie at the lake I was already deaf, and I had arthritis really bad. My muscles had become weak. I know when I would stand up from sleeping and shake, I would fall over. Mom & dad would carry me to and from, to go outside because there were steps that I could not see.

One day, I know mom asked God to help her make a decision to let me cross over to paradise or to remain in her home in my present condition. God gave her signs. Mom & dad decided it was time to give up their holding of me and let me go. I kissed mommy (I never kissed much, I think my first daddy taught me not to) one time, then my wonderful, Dr. Gaydos gave me the key to heaven. Mommy held me, petted me, and talked into my ear as I drifted off and over the rainbow bridge. She had told me I would see, hear, be pain free with no arthritis, have no more blood pricks, no more diabetes shots and that I would play fetch and run and do all kinds of things today, December 26, 2005, and you know what Ė she was right. I love you mom! I love you dad! I love you Oscar, Samantha, and Matt. We love you too Trixie girl!

Dec. 2005


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