In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

Pets with

  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.



Tasha was the light of my soul. Tasha

She was a strong alpha, yet so gentle with almost everything (except squirrels). She would sit ever so still, hugging the tree trunk with her snout upraised, and silently wait for an unsuspecting squirrel to scamper down. True to her Siberian Husky heritage, she reveled in the snow. A Nor'easter with gale force winds was her idea of quality yard time. She was diabetic for over 2 years, and this made us even closer and more in-tune with each other. She lost her sight from retinal degeneration for her last year. 

ITasha hope that I can follow her example and gracefully accept the changes of age, never letting the glass be half-empty, but always half-full. She was born on 11/2/89. She was 11 when an unknown illness eventually led to pneumonia and her passing to the Bridge on 1/29/01. I know in the very essence of my being that we will be together again. Until then, we both will live in each other's hearts and souls.




   Loving Memory
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