In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

Pets with

  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.




Solomon was born August 28, 1992 and left us on May 23, 2003 at 8:30 am. 

We found out he was diabetic in November of 2002 and he went blind in January of 2003. They could never get him regulated and he kept losing weight and his legs finally gave out on him. He got really bad on Wednesday the 21st and was in a lot of pain. He got to where he couldn't move his back at all and the vet said that it was time to let him go. 

He was the sweetest angel. Even when in pain he was full of love for us. I miss him terribly, our home is empty without his spirit and love. He will never be forgotten and always missed.



   Loving Memory
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