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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.


In Memory of Rocky
December 1982 - May 22, 1999
Diagnosed with diabetes
February 1994

We remember...

...the first time we saw you. You were no bigger than my hand. When they set you on the floor at the vet's office, you puffed yourself up and crab-walked away from us. Where did you come from? We never knew.

Rocky  - 1983 you 'helped" us put clean sheets on the bed, hiding under the sheet. When we peeked under the covers--how wild your eyes were.

...when we touched you when you were dozing you said, "errrrrt."

...your infinite patience as you sat on the edge of a field waiting for a mouse to move.

...kissing the top of your head.

...trying to catch you at dusk to bring you inside for the night. You would hop away from us just as we were about to pick you up, you would let us get close again, and then hop away again. We called it "in the night mode."

Rocky  - 1984 you would rattle the closet doors to wake us up in the morning. you looked when you walked towards us--with your tail straight up in the air. sitting on the desk, in the window, watching for us to come home. terribly sick you were when you were first diagnosed with diabetes. Each day we thought we would lose you. We had to force feed you and coax you to hang on. We got through that and had over five more years with you. if there were two available laps to choose from, nine times out of ten you would pick V's. you loved to play in a paper grocery bag.

Rocky - 1985 you bit me if I petted you too long.

...lifting you onto the bathroom vanity so you could drink out of the sink. you sat with me most mornings as I ate my cereal. Just as I would finish, you would go to the sliding glass door and look out, sometimes wanting to go out.

...carrying you from window to window during our last winter together so you could see what was going on outside. we avoided saying the word "eat" in front of you if it was not time, because you knew what it meant and you would get excited. as a kitten, you would "fetch" a wine bottle cork when we threw it for you. That stage didn't last long--perhaps you realized it was more fun for us than for you!

...calling you and V "my boys."

...the way you felt pressed up against my legs in bed.

Rocky - 1991 you looked the last time we saw you. Your tummy was shaved and there were staples in your incision. You tried to raise your head and a series of whimpers came out of your throat. I had never heard you make that noise before.

...your many nicknames: BooBoo, Bunky Boy, Pretty Little Pink Nose, Sweetpee, Stinkweed (when you were bad), Rockster, Pretty Boy, Sugar Poppy, Twinkle Toes...

...setting the microwave timer to remind us to give you your second feeding, after your insulin injection. You would get excited when it went off and come to find us. And if we were cooking something in the microwave, we would always try to catch it before the timer went off. We're still doing that...

...listening to the sound you made coming up the stairs to the bedroom, as we lay in bed. Then you would jump on the bed to greet us.

Rocky - 1994

...measuring your water before and after you drank.

...the alarm clock going off on weekend mornings, and not wanting to get up to give you your insulin--but doing it anyway. the fur on your neck smelled after you had been outside--like fresh laundry dried in the sunshine.

..."squinty eyes" that spoke of love, as we talked to you.

...taking care of you, worrying about you, and how patient you were with ear pricks for blood-glucose tests.

Rocky 1998 leaping in the air to catch a cicada, and then that horrible crunch as you ate it!

...when I would reach down to pick you up and you would stretch one front leg over the top of my arm, so my arm cradled your chest.

...singing to you in the car on the way to the vet's. much you loved lounging in a sunbeam.

...all these things and more from our 16 years together. We will never forget you sweet Rocky. You will be in our hearts forever.

Beth and Vito


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