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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
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Rebel "Big Dawg" Jordan

02/03/95 - 03/25/06
"One TOUGH dog"

Rebel J.

My boy Rebel J,

Rebel was a big beautiful and happy black Lab who I had bought site unseen from a breeder in Ca. in 1995 the same day I got the keys to my new home.

I bred him in 1998 and had pick of the litter so I kept one of his daughters (Hunter) a yellow Lab. 

Shortly after I bred him he was diagnosed with hip problems and I immediately put him on MSM. The x-rays said he would have a tough time walking in a few years. Well maybe we all did not realize this was one of the toughest dogs in the world. 

He lived with the hip problems for another 5 years with out much of a bother because of the MSM. Then he kept getting these anal gland infections and after around the third time in to the vet we decided it was time to have it removed so we did.

Well I thought to myself this poor guy has had it pretty tough so far through his first 8 years .

I had not seen anything yet. In 2003 he looked like he was loosing some weight so we ran some tests and he was diagnosed with diabetes and I was told I would have to test his Urine, give him insulin injections twice a day and watch him real closely on a daily basis.

After the diagnosis I had never been so scared of loosing my best friend. Me and my fiancee at the time (now my wife) decided we would do whatever it took to help Rebel J.

Two weeks later the diabetes was clouding his beautiful brown eyes. We went to a specialist in Orange County and they told us he was blind. I again was shocked and scared for my boy although he knows the house well because he's lived here for 8 years. He did bump his head at times but he had it down pretty well.

We continued with the insulin injections, testing urine and blindness for about two more years and we noticed a small growth on his nose.

He was diagnosed with cancer and we would now have to add Proxicam to his arsenal of medications which is tough on their kidneys and liver. This just crushed me even more because the vet was thinking 3 to 6 months tops with all of his problems so I knew the end was coming. I said to my wife we would be hard pressed to ever know a tougher dog for the rest of our life's.

We continued loving and taking care of Reb for a few weeks when he starting getting nose bleeds. He would sneeze and bleed. We got that somewhat under control but the cancer kept spreading.

Through all of this Rebel remained a happy boy and loved being with his daughter Hunter. He also LOVED just laying in the morning sun, getting his treats or just sleeping on their bed together. We also have a Havanese (J.J.) who we now call "Dr. J " because he also was always looking after Rebel and helping us take care of him. 

After 11 wonderful years we made the very hard but, right choice to send Rebel to heaven.

Reb had to be spoon fed the last few days of his life with exception to his last night with us, when he set a speed record for finishing a fillet mignon and crab salad for his last meal.

He gave us 11 years of unconditional love, friendship and happiness that I will have in my heart for the rest of my life. I know our home will be different from this day forward but whenever I see the sun shining on the grass through my kitchen window in the morning I will think of him and smile.

I want to say a BIG "Thank You" to my wife Stephanie, our Vet and Rebel for all that you have done.

Rebel, my friend I will love you forever.

April, 2006


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