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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge. 
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.



Our dear sweet Lucky passed away on March 31. She was our dearest friend, our dearest pup and a major part of our family for the past 11 years. From the day we saw her in the pet store we knew she had to be ours. We were very Lucky to have Lucky and she was also very Lucky to have us.

For about a month prior to her death Lucky was very ill. We did everything to try to save her but nothing seemed to help. Lucky fought and we fought hard but the end resulted in having to let her go. We stayed with her until the end and she died in our arms, while we were telling her how much we loved her and what a good baby she was. Lucky you will remain in our heart forever We will never forget you .

Your life will carry on through our memories together from coming home to find you waiting at the door wagging your tail, waiting for your treats by the cupboard next to Bubbie your best cat friend, chasing squirrels for miles upon miles, having that little pot belly rubbed or just being your cute, loyal and sweet self we will never forget what an amazing loyal friend you were. Never again will we find a pup as sweet and kind like you. Sometimes when I would look into those gentle eyes you would look almost human. I could feel and know exactly how you were feeling. When I lost you my sweet I lost a part of me a part of my family and a best friend. Making our last decision was probably one of the toughest in my life. Having to let you go was the hardest thing to do. Now all we can do is try to find peace knowing that you are no longer suffering. No more needles baby no more pills. No more feeling sick. You are now free baby and I can't wait for the day when I see you again. Our home is not the same without you. I love you very much With all my heart. You will remain in my thoughts forever.

Natalie and Oksana

My apologies to Lucky's Mom for removing the poem you used to describe the loss of your beloved pet Lucky but it was copyrighted and and the author asked for it to be removed and I do not know how to contact you so that you can get in touch with the author for permission.  Again my deepest apologies to you for the removal of the poem and to the author of the poem for her using the poem without your permission.
April 2006

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