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Laddie, beloved dog of Sandy and Sherwood, passed away December 1, 2001, at the age of 10 years and 10 months. The cause of death is believed to be pancreatic cancer, though no autopsy was performed to confirm this.

Laddie died on the 10th birthday of her 13 children, born Dec 1, 1991. She was a good Mom to all of the puppies, and she was able to keep them all alive. Of course, she only nursed them voluntarily for 3 weeks. The fourth week she had to be forced into nursing them, and after that she wouldn't even go into the same room with the puppies. But then, they were half pit bull, so who can really blame her?

Laddie become an accomplished swimmer and tennis baller. Both of these seemed to come naturally to her, and she could be found in the water or chasing tennis balls whenever the opportunity arose.

Laddie spent her early years in Manhattan, KS, living in various apartments, and a few years with her Grandma and Grandpa. She also lived in Fort Riley, KS, Kansas City, KS, and was residing in Kansas City, MO at the time of her death.

She could always be counted on as a willing passenger on any car trip. Riding in the back of the pickup was another favorite activity, though that was curtailed in recent years. She had a constant smile that just made you feel better to see her (if you could ignore the bad breath).

Laddie was diagnosed with diabetes in April 2000. She went blind sometime around Aug or Sept 2000, though she didn't let it stop her from doing the things she loved. She even figured out how to chase the balls across the yard, by listening to where they hit and sniffing them out.

A private burial was held Saturday, in Sandy's back yard. It was attended by Sandy, Sherwood, and a friend of the family, Jenn.

Laddie was preceded in death by 1 brother, Buster, a tomcat, died of complications from Feline Leukemia, 1995; and 3 sisters, Beige, a light-brown dog, disappeared out of the back of the pickup somewhere along Hwy 177 in 1996; Skandal, an American Eskimo, was killed in a hit and run accident while playing in the road, January 6, 1998; Maggie, a calico cat, died April 3, 2001 of complications from congenital Feline Leukemia. Skandal's ashes were buried along with Laddie, in a grave near Maggie's final resting place.

Survivors include her mother, Sandy of Kansas City, KS; father, Sherwood of the home; brothers Buddy of the home and Thaddeus Brian of KCK; sister Tyra Purrvis of KCK; uncle and aunt, Mike and Bess of Great Village, NS, Canada; uncle Michael of Los Angeles, CA; aunt Jamie of Seattle, WA; grandparents Steve and Laura of Manhattan, KS; and Doris of Lawrenceville, NJ; great-grandmothers Nadine of Council Grove, KS and Edith of Manhattan, KS. There are also numerous great- aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that will miss her dearly.

Memorial contributions can be made to The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, 5445 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, KS 66104. (913) 596-1000.


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