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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.



Kiri Kiri as a puppyand her mom 'Sheena' came to us from the local SPCA in August of 1988. Our Vet estimated her age at 8 weeks, so we celebrated her birthday on June 30th each year. Both her and her mom were very sickly when they arrived, unfortunately her mom only lived for another year, succumbing to illness. Kiri had several older female dogs in the household who helped raise her to be the gentle soul she remained until her final day. In her elder years, after her canine friends had passed away, she was joined by several cats. Although she was blind and had multiple endocrinopathies since August 1994, she never lost her gentle, patient spirit. She enjoyed her life and got along as easily with a new kitten, as she had with large adult Malamutes and German Shepherds in the past.

KiriHer earthly life ended on July 27, 2000, at the Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, in the arms of her family, and assisted on her journey by Dr. Hess, who had been her caring doctor for her last six years. Her gentle, patient spirit was surely welcomed at Rainbow Bridge by friends old and new. She is missed terribly by her family and friends, but comfort is taken in knowing such a gentle soul is at the Bridge to greet newcomers and her family one day.

Read how Kiri's three serious diseases were successfully managed for many years.

Kiri's plaque 

After Kiri went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 27, 2000, I had a plaque placed on the 'Living Legends' Wall at VHUP. It's in memory of Kiri, and gratitude to Dr Hess who cared for her so lovingly for six years. My donation for this plaque also goes to research done by Dr Hess and her students related to endocrinopathies.


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