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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.


In Loving Memory

Jeffrey Wagner "Handsome"
09/14/1994 - 02/16/2005


Star Wagner "Cookie"
10/04/1993 - 04/25/2005

Star & Jeffrey, My two beautiful babies. You two always did everything together so I knew you would also want your memorial page together. You lived your lives together & could not & would not be separated, not even by death. We lost you two just 9 1/2 short weeks apart.

Star, My beautiful Rottweiler, You were always very special to me. I was lucky enough to get the "pick of the litter" & I chose you. My sweet, silly girl. You were the little one that was chasing the other pups & nipping at their behinds. What a little cutie you were. I couldn't resist & said "this is the one!" You were no larger than the size of my hand when I chose you. Of course you were too young to bring home then but I visited you all the time until you were old enough to come live with us. You were a "Daddy's Girl" from day one! But we both adored you & I am pretty sure you knew that. You enjoyed one year with Me, Daddy, & Lucky (your cat brother) & then your Daddy gave me an anniversary gift named Jeffrey, a handsome German Shepherd puppy. From that moment on you two were best friends. Partners in crime. What one of you didn't think of the other one did! You being the silly one & Jeffrey being the calm, laid back one. Total opposites that complimented each other in every single way.

Jeffrey, you were a Mama's boy from the very beginning. You were so much like me. It seemed like you knew what I was thinking & feeling at all times. It was just so odd, you acted just like me, & Star acted just like your daddy. Ever since I was a young girl I wanted a German Shepherd named Jeffrey. Then your Daddy surprised me with you on our second wedding anniversary. Finally I had my Jeffrey. You were gentle & sweet from the very beginning. We always said that you seemed to have been born with an "old soul".

The two of you had a wonderful life. You went on many vacations with us & we always had so much fun. You two were very well traveled! Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Texas. From Pike's Peak to the Florida Keys, we had so much fun everywhere we went together. All of the trips to doggy park, going swimming, running in the woods, boating, & just spending lazy days at home. They were all special times.

Star, when you were diagnosed with diabetes in 2001 we were so worried about you. But you took it like a big dog & never let it get you down. What a tough girl. I was so proud of you. Nothing ever slowed you down. Then shortly after that you began to lose your eyesight. Again, we worried so much but you remained tough & determined. Jeffrey became your "seeing eye dog" & he never got very far away from you. I think he knew that you needed a little help. But for the most part you were as independent as ever. You still did all of the things that you used to do. Maybe a little slower, but you still did them. I wish I could have been half as tough as you.

Jeffrey, You were always a very healthy boy. Then, suddenly you stopped wanting to eat & we took you to see Dr. Todd. A couple days later we got the test results & were told the news that we dreaded to hear. We tried everything to save you but God knew what was best & he called you home very quickly. I have beat myself up over this....did I miss something? Were there signs that I overlooked? Could we have done more? Why did this have to happen? But I know now, & I hope you know too that we did everything possible. We would have done anything on earth to keep you with us longer. 10 years was just simply not long enough for us. We wanted you for longer. You were very brave & fought the good fight. But the cancer took it's toll & God called you home. Letting you go was so hard for me & your Daddy. But we knew it was right, you did not deserve to suffer. You were an amazing boy & we could not allow you to suffer. In your 10 years you gave us so much & we knew we had to do this one final thing for you. We miss you very much, Handsome.

Star, As tough as you were, you also had a soft side. After we lost Jeffrey you were just never the same happy girl that you once were. You had lost your best friend & you seemed lost. We tried to comfort you but it was obvious, you missed Jeffrey. As heartbroken as we were over losing Jeffrey, it was even more heartbreaking to see you this way. You were always such a free spirit that could never be broken. But now you were so different. For 9 1/2 weeks you were sad & lonely. No matter how much we comforted you, you just seemed lonely. You seemed to have just given up & didn't want to fight any longer. Eventually you stopped trying to get up. That's when we knew things were getting very serious. This was not like you at all. We tried anything & everything to help you. But nothing worked. You were suffering & we could not allow that. You were too precious to us for us to ever allow you to suffer. Once again we had to make the decision that we dreaded. It was very hard to let you go. But in my heart I know that you & Jeffrey are together again. As it should be. You two were meant to be together for eternity. We miss you so much, Cookie.

Star & Jeffrey, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to be with you both when you left. I was your last scent, last sound, last vision, & last memory. I held you both very close to me & felt your souls pass through mine.

Both of you were very precious to us. You both gave us your all & taught us so many things. A person is supposed to teach their pets but you two taught us a lot about life. We learned about unconditional love & faithful friendship. Thank you for all that you have given us. We are different, better people for having had you two in our lives.

We love you & miss you both very much.

Godspeed Precious Angels.

Mama & Daddy



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