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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.


Vale Cissie
(Tinee Town Cissie)
28 July 1997 25 August 2004

CissieOur dearest girl dog, Cissie, succumbed to overwhelming illness, after fighting the best fight she could for three long, hard days. Our last contact with her was a loving greeting and gentle communication that gave us as much comfort as it did her.

We will remember Cissie for her loving face, her gentle ways, her laughing smiles (with spotted tongue) and her dear "Lovely Cissie" greetings (wagging her whole body, toy in mouth to show you).

Miss Cissie loved her names.

Cissie the Red
came to us at age seven months to be a companion for Yoda, a job she did so very well until he left us thirteen months later. She was his ears, she was his playmate, she was his friend. 

Nurse CissieCissie
was always on hand if anyone was ill. She had a way of providing comfort in times of trouble, unexpected and remarkable in a little dog.

Cissie-Licks (Cissalicks, Miss Licks, Missy Cissalicks)
watched and waited for me to wake each morning so she could give me my good morning kisses, and at night she would come for her cuddles before taking herself to bed.

Queenie Ciss
loved to sit up high on any pile of clothes,
made dog nests by holding the fabric in her mouth and scratching it away with her paws (a very unsuccessful strategy),
guided and occasionally scolded young Indie when he needed to heed the rules,
rushed to his aid when he took on more than she thought he could manage.

CissieCissieThe Golden Wombat
beautiful Cissie, golden and glorious in the most luxuriant fur coat,
I was so proud when people would admire her beauty,
loved to greet you on the stairs, curled in a ball, head down and paw in the air,
gave her love to my parents, too, who bestowed this name on her.

Cissie beloved companion
Most of all, we will remember Cissie for the way she loved us. Never has a dog loved more. She was quiet; she was shy; she was patient. And she was there, always, one step behind us. Waiting to be noticed; waiting to be loved in return.

And she was. Most powerfully loved.

To all those who share our loss we say thank you for the love and care you have shown Cissie and us on her behalf.

Good bye, Sweet Girl. Travel well.


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