In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

Pets with

  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.




My beautiful Christopher Eric was diagnosed with diabetes in July of 1998. I have done everything possible for my baby to make his life more comfortable.  He knew when it was time for his shots -  he would go and sit next to the fridge and bark if I was a minute late with his shot. In 2000 Chris lost his sight, but his other senses picked up for it! On Tuesday May 8, 2001 I decided that Christopherís quality of life was not what it once was and had him put to sleep. It was the single, most hardest thing Iíve ever had to do. But the vet at the crematorium told me that it was the last act of love that I could do for my pumpkin pie so that made me feel a little better. It was 2 months shy of 3 years that Chris survived with his diabetes and the vet also told me that pets with diabetes donít usually last that long and reassured me that I did everything I could do for him. Now I know that he is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I will see him again someday. But until then I know he will be protecting me forever!

Kim Keller



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