In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.




First, I want to thank the authors and webmasters for this site. When my
14year old Cairn terrier, Chomps, was diagnosed with ketoacidosis I was
frantic for information I could understand and use. While my vet was able
to show me how to administer the insulin and take blood tests, I knew there
was more I needed to know. Your site was a welcomed relief. I printed out
the information into a booklet format. When Chomps passed, I donated the
booklet to my vet for any patients that needed this information.

Chomps was my buddy. It was a horrible day, the day I realized he was
telling me it was ok, he was tired. Its been two years and my eyes still
well up with tears as I write this. He wasn't responding to treatment. He
hated the vet's office and always suffered a setback when there. Treatment
and testing took place at home. For 4 months we battled his disease. And
he was soooo patient with me.

When I called the vet to have him come to the home to allow Chomps to
Peacefully pass away, the finality of it, gripped my throat and twisted my
heart. I handed the phone to my son, who made the arrangements. I held the
dog in my arms, gave him all the forbidden treats he wanted and waited and
cried and stroked this wonderful little dog, who gave me the great joy of a
dog's love and devotion and taught me how to be owned by a dog. With each
tear, I thanked God for creating such a wonderful creature and allowing him
into my home. And I prayed that such devotion will find a special place in
heaven for him.

Well, that was it...the vet came. I said no more dogs. Chomps was a one
and only. And that lasted a whole 3 months. Willie came into my life. A
precious little 3lb bundle of true terrier terror trouble. Chomps taught me
how wonderful and absolute fun a relationship with a dog can be. He was my
teacher and lucky Willie has been the beneficiary of Chomps lessons.

So toss the ball, go on the walks and love 'em while they are here. And when
they are gone, celebrate the memories.

April, 2006


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