In Loving Memory Of Special Pets

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  Dedicated to diabetic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
  Their spirit, and the love they shared will always be remembered.



Chilli (right) and his friend Little Lady
Chilli, the white kitty on the right, snuggled with his pal Little Lady

Chilli came into my life one winter morning as a kitten. I was taken in by his sad eyes and my heart just broke. I took him home and give him a good bowl of tuna with some milk.  Since that day Chilli Baby been with us ever since. Now this cat was not just a pet, oh no not by a long shot. He used to play with my neighbor's animal's to include the dogs, goats and the horses. Now don't ask me how, they just did. Well we had Chilli fixed and declawed, and he's been a home buddy after that. One year we bought a Kitten, a female, and had her fixed and declawed also. But boy was Chilli happy to have a playmate, even tho she give him hell all the time, and believe me there were time I would believe he was going to kill her, they always made up and lay with each later as you can see in the picture. Well in 2001 I had a hysterectomy, when I came home Chilli was by my side the whole time, and he would let no one get to me. And in 2002 I had knee surgery, and once again he was by my side. Well this past 2 weeks Chilli was not being himself and I got worried so we took him to the vet. That's when I got the bad news that Chill had a liver problem and on top of that I was also told that he had diabetes. Well the vet kept him there for a week, and I got up every day to go see him at 8:00 every morning and sat with him just like he did with me all those years.  This past Monday the vet told me that he was having a hard time trying to maintain Chilli's sugar, and said that he would have a very hard time, he said the best thing to do is put him to sleep. I cried that afternoon for what seem to be a forever.  I asked if I can have him cremated, and the vet said he would take care of it. I picked my Chilli up on the first of July and my husband bought a beautiful small vase with a lid with two doves on the lid with roses, he said we will put his ashes in there and we will glue the lid shut. He will be next to my bed side on my nite table along with a picture, I will miss him and I will never forget my Chilli Baby.  Please have a good after life my friend and may God greet you with open arms and keep you by his side till I get there.

God Bless You
Chilli Baby
Mommy does miss you

June 2003


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