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The petdiabetes mailing list is for discussion of issues related to diabetes and pets. The members of this list have various experiences - some have a pet who was recently diagnosed, while others have been caring for a diabetic pet for years. But we have two things in common: we are here to help each other learn and understand about diabetes, and we are here to support each other.

The information and discussions are not a substitute for proper veterinary care or advice. Please discuss the information you receive on this list with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's care. 

List rules
  • Be polite and respectful. There are many different opinions and management techniques for diabetic pets. Discussion is encouraged, but rudeness is not allowed.
  • Post only diabetes-related messages.  This is a very broad topic and as long as your message is about something that relates to the care of your diabetic pet, it is ok.
    Appropriate topics include:  
    • Medical care of your diabetic pet
    • Your ability to care for your diabetic pet
    • Coping with the stress of owning a diabetic pet 
    • Diabetes supplies
    • Techniques
    • Other health issues that your diabetic pet is facing like cataracts or urinary tract infections
    • If other medications will effect the diabetes
    • How to prepare for traveling
    • Brief stories about something humorous your diabetic pet did or announcements of "diabetes anniversaries", birthdays, or deaths.

    Inappropriate topics include: 

    • general animal welfare issues
    • news about animal abuse cases
    • "campaigning" on pet issues
    • ethical debates (e.g. drug testing on animals)
    • religious debates
    • any other personal cause

    If you have doubts if your message is appropriate, please feel free to contact the List Owner address given on your Group home page.

  • The subject line of your e-mail should describe your message. This allows discussions to continue in a orderly manner and allows those who are not interested in a topic to delete messages without having to read them.
  • When replying to a posted message, please remove the original message text that does not pertain to your reply.  This keeps the messages a reasonable length.
  • Product advertising is not allowed.  If you own it or make a profit from it, please don't try to sell it on our list.  I will remove you from the group if you violate this rule.
  • Usually, this list is not moderated (no one approves a message before it is sent to the list members). It is your responsibility to use your good judgment and to follow the rules. Moderation is enacted by the list owner when necessary.

Join the List

Now that you've read our purpose and rules, if you'd like to participate, please join our group. Joining our group allows you to participate in the mailing list, and use all the other features that are available (chat, links, files, photo album, database, polls).  Just enter your e-mail address and click on the purple yahoo box.

Join our PetDiabetes Group

If you prefer, you can join the mailing list without joining the Yahoo Group.  Send an e-mail to  leave the subject blank, and you'll be on the mailing list.  Using this option, you can only control your mail (mail / nomail status, individual / digest ) using e-mail messages (not a web page). You will not be able to access the other group activities. 

Common Problems

You're not getting list mail
The most common reason for this is because your mail box has overflowed or there's some problem at your ISP with mail delivery. As the list owner, I get notified every time list mail does not get delivered because it places additional work on all the mail servers involved and needs to be stopped. If this happens for a day or two, I turn your list mail off. Unfortunately, notifying you that I've done this probably won't work because your mail isn't being delivered :-)

If I've turned your mail off, you can turn it back on by using the web page at our yahoo group or by sending an email to: 

You may have accidentally flagged your list mail as junk or spam and it is being sent to another mail folder. Check your other mail folders to see if it's been tagged as junk or spam. Sometimes this happens at web e-mail accounts like msn or yahoo, but it can also happen at a regular ISP who get a little over-zealous with their spam filtering. 


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