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There will come a time when you and your pet are facing the end of your lives together. It is important to know that many diabetic pets do not die from diabetes. Many die from other diseases or conditions such as cancer, renal failure, heart problems, or "old age". 

Whether the death was sudden, expected, or if you decided that your pet's quality of life was such that it was time to euthanize your pet, the feelings of loss and grief can be difficult to deal with. The loss may be even more difficult with a diabetic pet because you have put a lot of effort into educating yourself about diabetes and you spent an incredible amount of time caring for your pet.  This can make your pet's death even harder to deal with.

There are many resources available on the internet and in your local community to help you deal with the death of your pet.  Links to sites with excellent support resources, hot-lines, internet counselors, chat groups, burial supplies, virtual cemeteries, inspirational poetry, and stories can be found on these pages.  Your vet may also know about local pet loss support groups.

Pets With Diabetes Memoriam

This site has a Memorial Section  for diabetic pets who have passed away.  Owners can share a special story or remembrance and photos of their pet. There are also a few poems that might help you or a friend with their loss.

Sharing Your Experience with Pet Loss

This is a section where people can share the experience they went through after losing their pet.  In a sense this is a journal of experiences - what others went through in the weeks or months after a pet's death. Sharing your experience might help others see that their sadness is not unusual or it may give someone some ideas for helping them through the grieving process. 

Web Resources for Coping with Pet Loss

Click here for a page of web resources for pet loss and grief support. The various resources offer different services that you might find useful.  There's also a list  of grief support books that may help you or a friend prepare for the loss of a pet or be a comfort after a pet has passed away. Books that might be especially good for children are noted.  


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