Diabetes Humor: Songs by Bobbi - Volume 5


Taking care of a diabetic pet can be very stressful, and a little laughter can help lift your spirits.  Bobbi, our resident poet and lyricist has added this to her collection. 



Diabetic(al) Things
(sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"
from The Sound of Music)

What's going on, doc? My pet's acting sickly;
Drinks like a fish and then loses it quickly!
"No need to worry," my trusty vet sings,
"Just learn a few diabetic(al) things!

Blood glucose meter for home testing (try it!);
Karo and Ketostix, special new diet;
Warming the insulin so it won't sting…
These are a few diabetic(al) things!

Feed first or shoot first? Depends how they're eating!
Go surf the Internet! There you'll be meeting
Others as baffled by what the day brings…
These are a few diabetic(al) things!

When they're too high,
When they're too low,
Tweak the dose a tad!
Just do one or two diabetic(al) things…
"It's really not all that bad!



Help inspire Bobbi by sending her some ideas.  Suggest a tune and topic and she will try her best to amuse us.  E-mail suggestions to Bobbi, then check back here for new additions.


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