Diabetes Humor: Songs by Bobbi - Volume 4


Taking care of a diabetic pet can be very stressful, and a little laughter can help lift your spirits.  Bobbi, our resident poet and lyricist has added this to her collection. 



Diabetic Pet Moms
(sung to the tune of "If I were a Rich Man")

by Bobbi Brown Talisman

We're the Diabetic Pet Moms:
Gotta feed 'em and inject 'em 
At twelve-hour intervals!
Gotta watch how much 
They drink and pee;
Gotta watch the stuff they eat!

We're the Diabetic Pet Moms:
Our refrigerator shelves contain
All kinds of insulin!
Beef, beef/pork, pork, 
And some human, too;
L, NPH, PZI, R, U.

We think back to the day
When they were diagnosed
Remember what a heavy blow it seemed…
Wondering how much longer they'd be around?
We were a wreck! We freaked!
We felt alone and frightened;
Didn't see a way out of the jam:
Knowing that their lives were in our hands.

Now we're Diabetic Pet Moms:
Got syringes, Karo syrup, and 
Glucometer Elites!
Prescription foods;
Internet support groups, too!

Yeah, we're Diabetic Pet Moms:
Know our hyper- from our hypo-;
Know what's normal;
Know what's not.
Even mastered Somogyi rebound-
And we never thought we'd get that down!

It's really quite amazing
What a major difference
Just a little insulin can make!
(Well, once you get the dose right, anyway.)
They climb the stairs again,
And jump onto the furniture;
They're puddle-free both night and day;
Will we get it right? You bet... one day!

So we're Diabetic Pet Moms:
And we wouldn't have it any other way.
(How weird that sounds!)
Yeah, life's a bit different then before,
But it's all been worth it,
That's for sure!

Diabetes hasn't been the end
For our feline and our canine friends!



Help inspire Bobbi by sending her some ideas.  Suggest a tune and topic and she will try her best to amuse us.  E-mail suggestions to Bobbi, then check back here for new additions.

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