Diabetes Humor: Songs by Bobbi - Volume 2


Taking care of a diabetic pet can be very stressful, and a little laughter can help lift your spirits.  Bobbi, our resident poet and lyricist has added these to her collection. 

This is a soulful little number sung to the tune of the
Elvis Presley hit, "Love Me Tender."

Shoot Me Tender

Shoot me up with insulin;
Shoot it in the scruff.
Make a little tent of skin.
(Be gentle, please, not rough.)

Shoot me tender,
Shoot me true!
I'll be good as gold.
Just one thing I ask of you:
Please don't shoot it cold!

Shoot me calmly,
Don't shoot if you're tense.
If you do, I'll squirm and squeak.
(That only makes sense!)

Shoot me tender,
Shoot me true!
No, no, don't refill!
Just one shot I'm giving you,
And that's all I will!

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Pity I didn't write this one months ago... I'm SURE it would have made all the difference in the world.

Sung to the tune of "Hello Dolly

Hello Lilly

Hello Lilly (sung to the tune of "Hello Dolly")

Hello, Lilly!
Well, hello, Lilly!
We hear that you plan
To can our insulin!

We're just appalled, Lilly!
That takes gall, Lilly!
When you're the big player (just as Bayer
Strips are for urine)!

You know, we're not lazy.
We're just not crazy
About starting regulation from the top… So…
Don't be slow, Lilly
Tell us what we want to know, Lilly:
Why'd you want to go and make production stop?

That's quite a blow, Lilly.
But you know, Lilly,
That we'll offer you a chance
To make amends.

Here's what to do, Lilly:
Make "I", too, Lilly!
Don't ignore us, just assure us
The supply won't end!

It's not too late to change it;
You can rearrange it
So that we don't have to regulate again… Please….
Give us a break, Lilly!
Tell us what it's gonna take, Lilly!
To get you to make
Iletin I again!

Be a pal, Lilly!
Don't throw in the beef/pork towel, Lilly!
Come on, Lilly, let's be friends!
All you gotta do is tell us when
You're gonna crank out Iletin I again!



Help inspire Bobbi by sending her some ideas.  Suggest a tune and topic and she will try her best to amuse us.  E-mail suggestions to Bobbi and Nigel, then check back here for new additions.


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