Diabetes Humor:  "Hypo Night"


Taking care of a diabetic pet can be very stressful, and a little laughter can help lift your spirits.  After reading some of Bobbi's poetry, I challenged her to put her talents to work and write a poem about insulin.  I told her that if she could come up with a good poem, I would put it on the website.  She took me up on the offer, and here it is.  

Okay, so it's not EXACTLY a poem... it's a SONG this time!
(Fortunately, however, I haven't figured out how to make and send
a sound clip, so things COULD be worse.)

So, without further ado, and with sincere apologies to the composers
of the Beatles' hit, "A Hard Day's Night," I humbly offer the following:

Sonata for Syringe and Karo
in the Key of NPH Major, Opus No. 1.

Or, as we might identify it for short:

A Hypo Night

It's been a Hypo Night
For my poor diabetic dog.
It's been a Hypo Night,
And I was sleeping
Like a log.
But then he woke me at two
And I knew just what to do
So now he feels all right.

It's been a Hypo Night!
(The really scary part was brief.)
Another Hypo Night!
Poor dog was shakin'
Like a leaf.
Well, I admit I was stunned
And that it wasn't no fun!
But now he feels all right.

What a pain!
What sent him over the line... (-ine)?
Not again!
What could have done it this time... (-ime)?

Well, it's been a Hypo Night
And I was downstairs in a flash!
Another Hypo Night...
Right to my Karo syrup stash!
I twisted open the lid
And it's a good thing I did
'Cause now he feels all right.

What a night!
Was it the insulin dose... (-ose)?
Such a fright!
That made him low on glucose... (-ose)?

Well, it's been a Hypo Night!
His nose was cold and gums were pale.
Another Hypo Night!
His little legs all were a-flail!
But once the Karo was in
I saw recovery begin
And now he feels all right.
Yeah, now he feels all right.
You know he'll be all right....!

Bobbi (Official IMOM Poet and PetDiabetes Lyricist)

Inspired by Nigel (diabetic dog)

That's my mom!




Help inspire Bobbi by sending her some ideas.  Suggest a tune and topic and she will try her best to amuse us.  E-mail suggestions to Bobbi, then check back here for new additions.

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