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Sometimes it is nice to talk about diabetes concepts, problems you are having with your pet, or get some friendly support in a more conversational atmosphere.  Unlike e-mail or message boards, a chat room allows you to communicate with one or more people, almost instantaneously.
  • #pet-diabetes on DALnet  when people on the list talk about "the chat room" this is the place.
    Install mIRC using these Instructions for installing mIRC and mIRC download sites.
    After mIRC is installed, connect to a DALnet server and join the #pet-diabetes channel.
    Do not use other servers - you'll be on a different system than the rest of us. 
    There are no scheduled meeting times, but there is usually someone in the chat room every evening after 6 pm Pacific Standard Time. Diabetes issues always take priority, so if people are just chatting about the weather, feel free to jump in with a diabetes related topic.

    Sometimes there is a delay on DALnet, but hang in there.  If some of us are in the room, we can talk you through the process of getting a faster connection.


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