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These images were in a recent issue of the B-D (Becton-Dickinson) consumer Healthcare Update newsletter. They show magnified photographs of a BD insulin needle when it is new, after one injection, and after two injections.

They comment that after the first use, the tip dulls, twists, and can break off inside the skin.  Upon second use, the abraded needle can can tear the skin and slow healing.  They state that the needles designed for one use only - they are thinner and more delicate than needles from years ago.  Therefore, it is not safe to reuse needles. 

New needle

After one injection After two injections

You can get the newsletter titled "BD Update: News and information just for you." by calling BD customer service at 1-888-232-2737. 

I know many of you reuse needles but these images might influence your decision.  To reuse a syringe or not is a personal decision - and you can see what others are doing at on the syringe reuse poll If expense is a concern of yours, there are some options.  In the past, you could call BD customer service and they would send you two coupons for $2 off a box of 100 insulin syringes - they may still provide coupons if you ask.  Also, WalMart stores have the ReliOn syringe, which is comparable to the BD syringe, for about half the cost. It might make single use a more affordable option. Or try the Discount Insulin Syringes (by Accusure) available at Hocks pharmacy. They have 28 and 29 gauge needles for both 1/2 and 1cc syringes (no 3/10 cc syringes) and they are about $12-13  per box of 100. Using this link helps support our site - we earn a 5% commission on the sale, and it doesn't cost you a cent!



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