What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Daisy is a yorkie aged seven and a half, and weighs 21lbs. 
She belonged to my daughter but I took her over and we go for three
walks a day in the local park, or in fields by the river, or up on the open
downs where you can walk for miles without seeing another person. recently
we walked over the hills into another valley, and there was a new crop
circle that had been made in the wheat. It was really intricate. People
boast of making them, in the dark, with a board and some rope, well, these
circles are absolutely spot on, no errors, no footmarks, nothing. I tried
some water diving rods in the wheat and the rods went beserk. Well, Daisy
began to pee a lot and drink a lot and I went with her to the vet and she
told me the dog was diabetic, and for a long time we struggled with PZI and
was  giving her 25 units twice a day and we struggled and the vet was
drawing blood from a vein in her leg, once a week.She now has Humulin L
15a.m.and  14p.m.. I am diabetic and take insulin, Humalog 25 twice a day.
19 a.m. and 23 p.m.  I have been reducing my weight lately and the readings
have suffered. Last year Daisy had pancreatitis and was in the veterinary
ward for three days, but was o.k.  This year she has had colitis with mucous
wrapped stools and was put on a low diet, which did not cure it. I read on
list where a high fibre diet would sometimes work. One day we went to my
daughters for a meal, and daisy ate a bowl of the cats dry food, and next
day there was no mucous, so we fed her more fibre and she is fine.No sign of
the mucous. She has chicken and brown rice in the morning, and fish and
brown rice in the evening. She has an ear abscess and drops have corrected
that(although her bg readings were high, as the vet said they would be) She
has a form of conjunctivitis, with discharge from the eyes, and is having an
ointment three times a day.  I got round to taking blood from her tail after
reading what others  were doing so we took the photos.

 Click Here to see pictures of Daisy Having Her Blood Glucose Checked!

I have been trying to help another lady(liz) and have told her to come to the club
and she will get advice on other sites, as she cannot get blood from the
tail. So daisy is reasonably well, she never pees indoors, and will wake me
at night if she wants to go, that bark is different from the one when the
water bowl is empty, and different when there is someone at the door. So we
are both quite well, I am 74 in two months and, apart from arthritis am o.k.
I am a coeliac (no gluten) but that is o.k. I am a Rotarian, just in case
any other members are, let me know.  Be pleased to chat. 
Love to all
from Ken and Daisy in Southern England.

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