Thoughts on Home Testing

These thoughts were put together by a  member HoustonQT.
She has a diabetic cat named Reena.

            First, there has been a lot of discussion about whether home BG testing is good or
            bad  I think that, as has been said by several, that is going to depend a lot on
            the individual animal you are treating.

            Home BG testing may be a good idea if one or more apply:
           a.  Your pet is seriously disregulated.
            b.  Your pet tends to go hypo easily (as BG testing is the best way to catch or
                 confirm this.
            c.  Your pet tends to develop hypoglycemia with no symptoms of symptoms that
                 are the same as hyperglycemia.
            d.  Your pet is brittle or is a "swinger" (my new name for those pets, like Reena,
                 who regularly cycle up and down on their doses).
            e.  It makes economic sense (e.g., if the vet is doing a lot of testing you could do
            f.  You find it to be a useful supplemental tool to urine testing.
            g.  BG testing is easier for you than urine testing (probably true for many cat owners)
                Dog owners will find urine collecting easier.
            h.  You need to have BG tests done and your pet gets so stressed at the vet that
                 BG tests done at the vet's office are inaccurate.

            I own a diabetic dog named Queenie, who is not receptive to home blood testing.

            Urine Testing Advantages .
            a.  You can see how concentrated the urine is.
            b.  You can see if blood or infection is present.
            c.  You can check for keotones and protein as well as glucose.
            d.  Your dog won't mind. (Cats might)
            e.  Your neighbour can laugh at you.

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