Rainbow Bridge -  January of 2007

My cat Bo and I have been members since April 1999 
shortly after Bo was diagnosed.  We are coming up on his third year 
living with diabetes.  He just turned 12 this month and is doing well. 
We went to the vet last month for a check-up and she did all sorts 
of blood tests because I was particularly concerned with 
his liver and kidneys.  And thankfully, everything came back great.  Our vet 
said Bo's a very healthy and happy kitty cat.  So that made my day.  :) 

Bo is just a big ole teddy bear.  He is a Korat with beautiful green eyes. 
He weighs 14 lbs. as he has for most of his life.  He gets shots twice 
a day of Humulin Ultralente, between 2 and 3 units, depending on his 
bg numbers.  We do home blood testing having started after he had 
one hypo episode that sent us to the emergency room a few months
after he was diagnosed.  It was very, very scary.  Bo went blind
and had a few small seizures.  I thought I was going to lose him but 
they did an amazing job at the clinic and he regained his sight and has 
had no problems since then.  The home testing makes me more confident
in his treatment and I recommend everyone do it if they can. 

This disease was so overwhelming at first.  I cried all the way home 
from the vet's office after Bo was diagnosed, sure I was going to lose him. 
But I joined this list and everyone helped calm my fears and confirmed
that we could do this together.  I don't always have alot to contribute as we
have had a fairly easy time of it all but I do always read the emails and cry
and say prayers when a member is ill or goes to the bridge.  It is so 
heartwarming to know people who love their fur babies the way I love Bo.
 And it is so much fun to participate in the Christmas card and Secret Santa 
exchange.  My life has changed a little having to work with the care
and requirements of Bo's diabetes but nothing that I would ever
trade for anything in this world.  I am especially more aware of
everything about him now and very confident about how he is feeling.
 He was always "my" cat but that bond has grown even stronger. 

We also have Little Bit, our very spoiled and talkative female cat, also 12 
years old, in our family.  She is all white with gorgeous baby blue eyes - 
and thankfully she can hear.  Everyone always asks if she is deaf but trust 
me, she hears everything.  She is part siamese which means she talks alot and 
is very snobby when she thinks about it.  She just looks at Bo as he comes 
when he is called, then calmly sits there while getting his ear pricked for 
the blood test and while he is getting his shot.  She thinks we're all a 
little strange, but then again she won't sit still for anything.  They have 
such different personalities - not siblings but they have been together since 
they were kittens.  When I got divorced, we included them in the decree that 
I got custody.  He could have anything else he wanted but they were staying 
with me.  They make my life complete.  :)

So that is our story.  Thanks to everyone who is so supportive and 
understanding.  We couldn't do this without every one of you. 

Kris, Bo (dc, dx 4/99) and Little Bit (c)
Tucson, Arizona

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