Rosie Lu
Rainbow Bridge May 27, 2002

One day God whispered "Bella Rose, I need you at my side"
"But I can't leave without knowing love", sweet Bella Rosie cried.
"All I've known is sorrow, can't someone love me for awhile."
"Yes, I'll send you to the Cain house", the Lord said with a loving smile.
No crate, no fear, no hunger, no solitude....that's all done.
Now treats and toys, two spoiled little boys and a backyard just for fun.
And when the Lord once again whispered "it's time, Rosie, dear"
Rosie had learned what love is and she had no fear.
Cause she knew that she'd been given a wonderful, joyous surprise.
and she smiled and thought of Mom and Dad,
and Chewey and Noel just before she closed her eyes.

 Laura Cassino

Charls has shared this letter with the Rainbow List Today.
One year ago little Rosie Lu went to the Bridge.
Sunday, May 25, 2003 3:32 PM

A year ago, I had to come to you and share the most painful news I've
ever had to share.  I had to tell you that our Rosie Lu had made her
journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  I had to make myself come to the
realization that she was no longer physically with us.  I had to take
and preserve her memories in a special place in my heart.

As we did, before she passed, we tried our best to make it through this
past year by using Rosie Lu's story to educate the public about puppy
mills and pet diabetes.  By doing that we somehow managed to make her
absence less painful. We, Jason and I, have never forgotten what loving
her and receiving her love in return was like.  Life with Rosie Lu was
perhaps the most wonderful and treasured gift God has ever graced us
with.  I pray, that someday, somehow, someway you find the kind of love
that we found with this remarkable havanese, who fought and who survived
every tragic and horrific event thrown her way.  When it was time for
Rosie Lu's physical body to leave our world, I stood in awe of all that
she overcame in her 10 years on this earth.  I still do.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to spend the day in tears.
Missing her.  Wanting her.  Needing her.  But it wasn't or isn't meant
to be.  Instead other little things have happened.  Borrowing from a post I read
last week, I want to share our joy with you this morning and invite you to
"celebrate the fact that Rosie Lu has been HEALTHY for a year now"

One of the  memories I treasure most about Rosie was how she would stand
in the doorway to our bedroom at night and bark at us until the lights
were out and we were all safely tucked into bed.  Last night, Sonny did
this.  It took me by surprise at first and Jason and I both remarked
that he had never done this before.  Normally you would have to chase
Sonny down to get him ready for bed. But last night he let us know it
was time.

This morning we've witnessed even more clownish type activities from
this active little silky terrier.  While waiting for his after breakfast
biscuit he sat in the bowl of their drinking fountain. He attacked my
ankle and the foot petal of the singer while I was making a dream
pillow.  He made a 3' leap from the daybed to the computer desk in the
den (not for a kiss.. but to get a toy he saw on the top shelf).

Noel's kisses are sweeter this morning.  My havanese shadow is my lap
warmer today. He even turned his head away after he ate his egg and burped.

Chewey just spent many minutes playing with a hummingbird who quickly
tired of being chased by the muscle bound silky of silkys.  The
hummingbird dove and teased my eldest boy in a game of

Gabby has learned to say "whatever" and has used it in every sentence
she's spoke today.  "Whatever".. <grin> it seems to be my choice of
words in recent weeks.. "whatever you want to send me.. I think I can
handle it, bring it on"

While looking at my home this morning, watching Jason sleep, listening
to Gabby, playing with the boyz, enjoying a satisfying wonderful tasting
cup of coffee.. I truly believe that Rosie Lu is here with us.  Just as
she's been every day through the past year.  I believe that she is
holding our hand as we try to get through this day, the anniversary of
Rosie Lu being healthy.  I believe that she is guiding my hands and my
hearts as I remember her, through each of you.

Today and tomorrow as we in the United States remember those who have
gone before us, be they 2 leggers or 4 leggers, please allow yourselves
to remember the good in each of them.  Don't allow the ugliness and
shallowness of others take away from you those treasured memories you
have of the one you lost.  Reach inside and pull the energy from the
"kind" spot in your heart and use it to celebrate life and the lives of
those who are no longer with us.

I miss you, Rosie Lu.  Your memory and the lessons you gave us all will
never be forgotten as long as I'm alive and able to share your story.
You may have been just a dog in the eyes of some.. but for 7 wonderful
months, you were my life.. my reason for staying focused and for being
reminded what true love and happiness can bring to us.

You've been healthy for a year now.

Jason and Charlene Cain


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