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As I sit and hold my baby tight, 
I whisper pleas into this light. 
The One who Knows, 
The One who cares, 
Let them know your light is theirs.
In all things You show Your Face,
Now We need your Saving Grace. 
Lead us in with gentle hands, 
and let your Love fill the Lands.
©by Jenny Sutherland©

When your pet doesn't want to eat Prayer

You made this world for all to enjoy.
You brought us to our babies each little girl and boy!
For all the bounty you bring to our table, we thank you.
Let our babes want to taste the bread, the water, the wine,
Which you've provided from your eternal vine
Give us all strength in your loving arms
Give them their want to keep them from harm.
©by Jenny Sutherland©

Teeth Cleaning Prayer

For these pearls that have never bitten,
But now need help a while,
May you guide their hands in their work today,
To bring back my baby's 'smile',
Most folks see this as minor,
But you really know my fear
Wrap you arms about us,
Give us more time so dear.
©by Jenny Sutherland©

Pet Prayer for the Unexpected Emergency

You give us trials to make us strong,
But I don't know how I'll go along.
Give me knowledge of what to do
Give me strength to turn to you.
Open my eyes to what I'm to see,
To help my babe make it back to me.
I need your peace and gentle voice
To guide me in the proper choice.
Give us rest and time to heal
In the Loving Flame no one can steal.
©by Jenny Sutherland©

A Word from Jenny Sutherland
These are 4 O'clock in the morning 'musings', and I left actual deities names 
out of it so folks can pray to their given God/Goddess.... Feel free to muck 
around with them as you see fit. I think with any words, the content of the heart 
is known and the deity knows why you're there before you even light the candle.
I'm nobody's poet, but they're only guidelines for folks to use as they see fit.

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