Pets With Diabetes
Providing Educational Information, Internet Resources,
Personal  Experiences, and Support for Owners of Diabetic Pets

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 Diabetes Education
Educational information for all aspects of diabetes care: Basic and advanced diabetes concepts, medications, complications, home care and monitoring, vet relationships, and other diseases your diabetic pet might have.

 Resources for Information and Support 
Communicate with others, find emotional support, or find books and other web sites. There's a memorial section, pet loss poems, and a photo gallery. Or take a break and see the light-hearted side of diabetes.

 Personal Management Techniques and Surveys
Read how owners of diabetic pets use different techniques to manage their pet's diabetes. Or participate in our quick surveys. 

 Site Information and Feedback
See the Table of Contents, print a flyer for your vet, and see how you can share your experiences on this site.  You can also read how your regular purchases using the merchant associate programs help keep these resources available.  Learn why this site was created, who created it, and sign the guestbook. 

 New & Updated
 Adoptable Diabetic Pets
Diabetic Pets Needing HomesWe have temporarily suspended activity on this portion of the website. Hopefully it will be available again soon. 


Information can be printed for personal use. This site is for information purposes only and does not replace proper veterinary care. Discussing information from this site with your veterinarian is encouraged.
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