.What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Hayley was diagonosed with diabetes on May 1, 2002 at 6 1/2 years old. 
She was a wonderful show girl who gave us one beautiful litter of all black
babies after she became a Champion of which we kept a son(Lucas) to go on
with. Hayley is my life and I love her dearly so will do what ever it takes
to keep her alive and healthy.  Diabetes is very expensive, her strips run
42.99 for only 50 of them and I test her daily at least 5 times and do a
curve every two hours each day of the weekend, the test kit ran about 76.00
and her Humulin N insulin is running from 26.00 to 30.00.  She is on 11
units twice a day and we have had a very hard time regulating her, she was
spayed right after the diagnosis but it has not helped her much.  I have been
to three vets and two specialists and we are still struggling to help get
her regulated.  I don't go to many dog shows now as she is my life and she is
what is important right now so her sons Championship will have to wait. She
is not out of my sight much at all, lives like a queen and sleeps in my bed
with me. It has changed my life a lot as I rarely leave the house much except
for very short periods of time as I try to stay close and test her each time
before I leave but it is okay, I would not have it any other way right now
just wish I could get her regulated. When she was first diagnosed the vet
said to me your life will be tied to her now are you sure you want to treat
a dog with diabetes and my answer was " She is my life and I will do what
ever it takes to help her"!!!!! She is and always will be the love of my
life.  Ch. Nightwind Eagles Halo "Hayley" owned, loved and spoiled 
by Sheri Goncher

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