Diabetes in Dogs-Emergency Questions
This is a form you should take to your veterinarian
and have him fill in the appropriate answer for each question pertaining to your dog.
Aside from the basic stuff such as dose, injection technique, what and when to feed, this is a list of what if's.  They ALWAYS happen after vet hours or on the weekend.  It is also a good form to give to anyone taking care of your pet while you are absent so they know what to do in an emergency.
How many diabetic patients do you have?  .
How are these pet's doing?
Are they regulated?
What values do you consider to be 'good regulation' ?
How long has your longest diabetic patient survived?
What do you want me to do if my dog vomits after injecting insulin?
How much insulin do you want me to give my dog if he refuses food?  .
If my pet moves when injecting do I finish giving the shot?  .
If my pet only eats part of his food how much insulin do you want me to inject? 
1/4 of food 
1/2 of food 
If my dog's breath smells of ketones what do you want me to do?


How critical is the timing of injections(especially for twice daily shots)?


I have slept in and am late giving the shot, how much do I now give? 
Do I skip this shot? 
Do I give less insulin? 
How much less? 
Do I give the second shot at the regular time?
Same question for evening shot, I am late getting home 2,3,4,5 hours late what do you want me to do on the amount of insulin to inject? 
Do I give next shot at the same time?


It is 12 noon and I have just realized I did not give the insulin injection? Besides crying what should I do? .


I have just walked into the kitchen and my dog has been eating out of the garbage.  Or cleaned out the candy dish. 
Should I give more insulin?
What do I do if I THINK I missed a shot but am not positive? 
Do I give insulin?

How much glucose gel or karo syrup do I give my pet if I have found him in a hypoglycemic condition?
How much do you want me to adjust the insulin dose if every reading of the urine is negative? 
If every reading is positive? 
A large amounts of ketones are present?
Will you support & teach me to home test?
If home blood testing, what reading do you think karo should be given? 
and how much insulin do I now give in the next dose?
What do you consider an emergency in a diabetic pet? 
        Are there any support groups for owners of diabetic pets on the web? http://www.caninediabetes.org/maillists.html
        If you have access to a computer you can find lots of information at the following sites.
        Pet Diabetes-Queenie's Website  http://www.petdiabetes.com
        Pet Diabetes-Donna B's Website http://www.caninediabetes.org/pdorg/  These are the webpages from the former www.petdiabetes.org website.
        Canine Diabetes - www.caninediabetes.org
        Feline Diabetes - http://www.felinediabetes.com
The information found on the above sites is trustworthy and we recommend that you read the information found on these sites and educate yourself.
You should consider joining an email list or participate in a message board!
You will find several on the internet supporting diabetes in pets.
Find the forum that suits you best and JOIN it or join several.

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