Here is a picture of Queenie in a diaper as you can see
they are a designer outside panties and then you put
whatever kind of liner you want on inside. Such as
pampers, regular pet liners, etc. I used a non-deodrant sanitary
woman's napkin when she had the bleeding infection on
her stomach that she lost all the layers of skin etc. from
being allergic to a cream that literally removed the
entire skin down to bleeding and this way she was protected from
sitting in grass, dirt, stones, etc. when outside.  They are designed
for dogs in heat or dogs with bladder control problems.
You buy the panties that she is wearing then line with whatever.
Made by Sojourner Farms, P.O.Box 8062, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107
Phone number 313-994-3974
Product label says:
100% Cotton
sizes: T P XS S M SB L XL Q
so there is a wide variety to fit any size pet
I bought mine at a chain pet discount store here in Canada.

The diaper has velcro that does up at the back so very easy to put on.
Elastic in front of panties to fit comfortably and snug at waist.
And a hole that the tail goes through. And the pet does not
sweat etc. because they are 100% cotton

Hugs everyone!

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