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Keegan and Anni

Anni in the Snow

July 31/99 I hear a knock at the door. “Open up honey it’s me, my hands are full” shouts my husband 
Don almost excitedly. I go to the door wondering what is he doing here in the middle of the afternoon?
I open the door and there he stood, a pink crate in one hand and a little circular green bed in the other.

 “Happy (Anni) Versary “ he yells! 
I didn’t really quite know what to make of all the hubbub; 
I just knew I had to peek inside that little pink crate  …..
There she was the most beautiful little pup I had ever seen in the world. 
I opened up the crate to pull out a little ball of topaz fur no bigger than the palm of my hand. 
I couldn’t speak!  I was overwhelmed with emotion. 
After all the tears and kisses and little baby licks had subsided my husband handed me
a tiny little medallion that read Anni (versary) and said 
“ I think we will call her Anni for short”.
I was over the moon! My husband had watched me slowly over the span of about 5 years at that time fall 
into a depression due to fertility and lack there of. So in all his wisdom thought this little bundle of fur would
fill a terrible void I had been feeling…He was right She did!…… and has done for the past three years.

August 3/2002 I notice Anni scooting around on the floor and can’t think of what she’s doing? 
She gets groomed frequently and has never had an anal gland issue. I decide to take a closer look at her
little privates and noticed her vulva was quite inflamed. Over to the phone I go in an attempt to have her seen to, no problem come on in. I have had issues with my Vet’s practice for the last three years, they
have a habit of diagnosing without diagnostics hmmmmmmmm doesn’t make much sense does it??
Anyway in I go to see the Vet, which Vet I don’t know because it changes every time you go there. 
It is a large practice and you get who you get (NOT ANYMORE) when you get there! 
The Man I saw at that time told me that it was due to Anni’s weight that her vulva protruded 
and got a little moist and was causing irritation. He proceeded to give Anni cortisone shot 
and prescribe prednisone along with a topical cortisone ointment. I got home and put on the ointment.
She went crazy! I thought she was scooting before; she went from one end of the living room to the
other trying to get this stuff off. I ran a bath and put her in it to cool her little winky off.
Back to the vet the next day where PeriVulva was the diagnosis dujour and another med given.
After about a week on meds Anni starts drinking up a storm and peeing all over the house, so I go into the
Vet’s again where I am told that is a side effect and not to worry. Okay I will try not to worry. …RIGHT!
The course of meds finally stops and Anni is still peeing everywhere and I have water dishes in every 
corner of the house…Guess where I went?? Back to the Vet’s they look at Anni’s winky again take a 
swab this time (Yea diagnostics) to find she has an infection. How after all the medication she was on is 
beyond mebut nonetheless she has one. MORE MEDS!!
Anni now begins to vomit accompanied with terrible diarrhea! I’m not even going to say where I went!
This time I am given a few <Here comes the nut looks> as I enter the clinic. The Vet of course with no diagnostics puts her on flagyl for the vomiting and diarrhea. Anni is know starting to look smaller and is 
not herself; I decided to call the vet this time seeing as I got the crazy lady looks the time before. I got nowhere!! Guess where I went?? Another Vet ha ha I’ll show them. He proceeds to tell me that coming in during a treatment plan is not beneficial for Anni I proceeded to tell him there is no plan and I want a 
second opinion. He refuses but says he will call the owner of my clinic. The owner calls me and we discuss my issues with Anni along with the different Vet every time I come.
He quite understood and asked me to bring in a urine sample right then and there if I could, I did.
I was feeling quite good about things on my way home, I would finally be able to rest (I thought) 
because this Vet knew I wanted the problem solved. I get home I open the door to find my husband 
standing there with tears in his eyes….   “She’s Diabetic!  Blood tests in the morning should confirm”
 That was September 10/2002 a day I will never forget! Anni was Keto the next day upon arrival 
 After hours and I mean hours of bawling my eyes out, I thought Kim pull it together for your baby…. 
that’s what I did and that’s what brought me here. I need to Thank Judy, Margo and Jeri for spending
hours of time on list with me pulling me through what I thought was the end for my girl. 
They convinced me that was not the case and this disease is not a death sentence. 
There support, guidance and strength brought me back my sanity and in doing so brought
me back Anni…Thank-You from the bottom of our hearts. 
Anni is now getting close to regulation we started on caninsulin but found N worked better in her case.
Anni is on a home cooked diet 1 ¼ cups per day and weighs 14 lbs, she takes 4 units N bid her schedule
is as follows: 6:30am shot and fed –snack 10:00am-12: 30pm fed-6: 30pm shot and fed-10:00pm snack-
12: 30 fed. This process and schedule I’m sure is one that will continually change, but I am now better prepared to roll with the punches. I would do anything for the only child I have ever known…Kim Knight
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 The background is from a picture of Anni and her friend Yukon!

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